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  1. 打合せ
  2. 基本計画
  3. 設計監理契約
  4. 基本設計
  5. 実施設計
  6. 施工会社の選定
  7. 工事請負契約
  8. 設計監理
  9. お引き渡し
  10. 設計費用に関しては、初回提案費用と実施設計費用を頂戴しています。
     ※設計料に関して社団法人日本インテリアデザイナー協会の「インテリアデザインの業務および報酬基準ガイドラ イン」に基づき設定しています。

Flow of design work

  1. Meeting
    We will ask about the client’s image, requests, and budget.
    Online meetings are also possible.
  2. Basic plan
    Based on the contents of the meeting, we will create a plan while considering the function.
    If necessary, we will share the completed image using sketches and CG.
  3. Design contract
    We will create design drawings to accurately convey our intentions,
    and we will conclude a contract for design supervision to confirm
    that the construction is progressing according to the design drawings.
  4. Basic design
    We will create a basic drawing.
    In the proposal, we will discuss the function, usability, and atmosphere of the space.
    It is also possible to consult about the selection and arrangement of furniture and curtains.
    We can also think about landscaping and exterior construction together.
  5. Implementation design
    We determine specifications while looking at sketches and actual material samples,
    and create detailed drawings that construction companies can use for estimates.
  6. Confirm estimate
    We will confirm the estimate of the construction company on behalf of the owner.
  7. Construction contract
    Once you are satisfied with the cost,
    we will conclude a construction contract between the client and the construction company.
    If there is a budget overrun, we will adjust the amount while checking the overall budget.
  8. Design supervision
    We will make sure the work is being done according to the blueprints.
    We will visit the site as many times as necessary.
  9. Completion
    We will witness the handover from the construction company to the client for final confirmation.
  10. We charge an initial proposal fee and an implementation design fee.
     Initial proposal fee: 10% of the design cost or 200,000 yen (tax not included), whichever is higher, is charged at the start of basic design.
     Implementation design fee: 10% of the estimated construction cost at the time of basic design, but consultation is required depending on the content of the design.
     If the construction cost is less than 3 million yen (tax not included), the fee will be adjusted according to the construction cost.
     *The design fee is based on the "Guidelines for Interior Design Services and Remuneration Standards" of the Japan Interior Designers Association.
     *Flexible payment cycle is available only for the implementation design fee.